Volunteers fulfill a crucial component of our mission. They shop and deliver food to those in St. Louis who need it most during the coronavirus pandemic. If you’re looking for a way to help, we’d love for you to volunteer.


As a volunteer, your role would be either to help our nonprofit partner organizations with last-mile deliveries, or to grocery shop for high-risk populations. We focus on providing food and groceries for those carrying the highest burden during the COVID-19 pandemic including the elderly, people who are immunocompromised, COVID-19 positive individuals and others.

Time Requirements

Volunteering requires signing up to be “on call” for at least one day a week for a duration of four weeks. We will notify you with the details at the latest the night before your previously assigned “on call” day if there is a delivery to be made. The maximum time commitment per day is three hours. 


We’re flexible as to when you complete the shopping and grocery delivery. If you work full-time, it’s still possible to volunteer at night or on the weekends.


We take the safety of our volunteers and those we serve very seriously. All delivery is contactless and your required training before you begin helps us ensure as best as possible that you will be safe.


Although you won’t have to pay for the groceries, we do ask that volunteers cover the cost of gas used to deliver them. If this concerns you please let us know so we can look for opportunities to cover the cost.


To protect the population we serve, we ask that volunteers meet these requirements:


  • You must not have traveled outside of a 60-mile radius of St. Louis in the past 15 days.

  • You must not have had direct contact with a known or suspected COVID-19 patient for at least two weeks.

  • You must not have symptoms of concern (fever, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea, cold or flu symptoms, shortness of breath, loss of sense of smell or taste).

Express Interest

If you’re interested in volunteering with us, please fill out the form linked below. And thank you for offering your time during such a difficult situation. Our team and those we serve are incredibly grateful.


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